The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board (NAB) has named a new chair, Paul Koreen. Currently partner/chief operating officer of KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.), Koreen has been a member of the NAB since 2018 and succeeds Jan Barton.

How did you first get involved with The Salvation Army?
I have always had a strong awareness of The Salvation Army, as we had close friends growing up who were Salvationists. And I recall my dad’s story of learning to play the trumpet at a Salvation Army rec centre when he was a kid in Thunder Bay, Ont. I personally became involved with the Army 20 years ago when we at KCI had the privilege of directing the Army’s first major capital fundraising campaign in Toronto. It was a joy to help the Army engage with donors and volunteers to support the development of the then-new Harbour Light centre downtown.

What projects have you been a part of during your time with the NAB?
In 2018-2019, I had the pleasure of leading our Funding-SWOT Task Team. Our initial focus was on helping the Army be best positioned to maximize funding to support its work, but this team came to understand that the Army could benefit from an updated understanding of its strategy and areas of focus. This work helped serve as a catalyst for the Mobilize 2.0 strategic planning process currently underway.

What do you hope to achieve as chair?
I hope to continue us along the path we’re already firmly on—a group motivated by the great work of the Army, working in partnership with officers and staff on the Army’s key strategic and operational questions.  I am particularly keen to help the Army optimize its work toward the intersection of where it has the greatest impact and the highest capabilities.

What do you appreciate most about The Salvation Army?
When I first began working with the Army 20 years ago, there was a phrase we used that sums up the Army perfectly: “Sharing God’s love in practical ways.” It is this orientation toward action and positively impacting the lives of people in need across Canada, Bermuda and around the world that I love most about the Army. It is a pleasure to be involved!

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