The Ontario Division is revitalizing its youth ministry with a reorganization of its existing music ministries and the launch of two new divisional creative groups.

Following the merger of the former Ontario Great Lakes and Ontario Central-East divisions into a single division, pre-existing musical groups are now considered regional groups. Impact Brass, Ignite Brass and the Southwestern Ontario Youth Chorus will bring together young Salvationists in the southwestern region, while Solidarity Brass and the Central Ontario Youth Chorus will meet in the Greater Toronto Area.

The reorganization of these ministries gave the Ontario youth department an opportunity to also consider new possibilities for the division.

“While music ministry is such a strong suit for The Salvation Army, we started wondering, who’s missing from this ministry?” says Katie Fuentes, divisional Youth Creative co-ordinator, Ontario Division.

With that in mind, the Ontario youth department has created two new divisional creative ministries: the Youth Worship Team and Youth Production Team.

“We get to reach all these new youth who aren’t necessarily musically inclined, and give them skills so they can worship and serve in their communities,” says Fuentes.

Under the new Youth Creative umbrella, the division will hold three major events in the coming year: a retreat for all members of the creative groups, a conference in the spring that is open to all young Salvationists and an end-of-year concert next May.

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