This past Friday, May 3, The Salvation Army’s territorial magazines, website and digital media won 15 awards from the Canadian Christian Communicators Association (CCCA) in an online ceremony.

Overall, Salvationist took home seven awards, Faith & Friends received three and media garnered five. Award categories ranged from Opinion to Feature Layout and Design to General Excellence—Website.

The editorial team’s coverage of the INSPIRE Conference and Congress was awarded in several categories, including a first-place win for Institutional Publication, recognizing the event’s commemorative photo book. Also highlighted was the editorial department’s Salvationist Podcast, which earned two awards. The awards were given for work published in the 2023 calendar year.

Geoff Moulton, director of internal communications and editor-in-chief, notes, “The CCCA is an important ecumenical connection point for The Salvation Army. It’s an honour to be recognized by our peers in the wider community of faith. We thank all those individuals and departments across the territory who have contributed to making the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s publications and communications such a success.”

The CCCA (formerly the Canadian Church Press) has 58 members, including individual writers, musicians and representatives from publications of mainline, Catholic and evangelical churches. The awards are judged by accomplished secular journalists, writers and academics.

Here is a full list of the awards:


1st place—Opinion Piece
"On Pain of Death"
Authors: James Read and Roland Stettler


1st place—General Excellence—Institutional Publication
INSPIRE Conference and Congress Photobook
Editor: Pamela Richardson
Designer: Lisa Suroso


1st place—Feature Layout and Design (circulation under 10,000)
"INSPIRED for Mission"
Designer: Lisa Suroso


2nd place—News Story
"INSPIRED for Mission"
Authors: Pamela Richardson, Giselle Randall, Abbigail Oliver and Ken Ramstead


2nd place—Column
Grace Notes:
"Does God Care About Our New Year's Resolutions?"
"The Thief of Joy"
"Parting With Privilege"
Author: Captain Laura Van Schaick


2nd place—Biblical-Theological Reflection
"In the Shadow of the Cross"
Author: Donald Burke


2nd place—Front Cover (circulation under 10,000)
"INSPIRE Conference and Congress 2023"
Photographers: Steve Nelson and Mark Yan
Designer: Lisa Suroso


Faith & Friends


2nd place—Biographical Profile
"Breaking Down Walls"
Author: Giselle Randall


3rd place—Front Cover (circulation over 10,000)
"Breaking Down Walls"
Photographer: Connie Donlon
Designer: Lisa Suroso


3rd place—Feature Layout and Design (circulation over 10,000)
"Blanketed With Love"
Designer: Lisa Suroso Media


2nd place—Website—General Excellence
Managing Editor: Kristin Ostensen
Designer: Rivonny Luchas


2nd place—Audio Interview
Salvationist Podcast: Reading the Bible From an Indigenous Perspective
Host: Kristin Ostensen
Producer: Lisa Suroso


2nd place—Video Production
Remembrance Day 2023: Last Post and Reveille
Video Producer: Rui Feliz


2nd place—Podcast
Salvationist Podcast
Host: Kristin Ostensen
Producer: Lisa Suroso


3rd place—E-newsletter
Salvationist Newsletter
Editor: Kristin Ostensen
Designer: Emily Pedlar


Territorial Editorial Department and Internal Communications Team

Editors: Geoff Moulton; Abbigail Oliver; Kristin Ostensen; Ken Ramstead; Giselle Randall; Pamela Richardson

Designers: Rivonny Luchas; Emily Pedlar; Lisa Suroso

Video Production: Rui Feliz

Circulation and Administrative Support: Logan Graves

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