Two new Salvation Army books have now been printed and shipped to ministry units across the Canada and Bermuda Territory. The books, Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day, explore the possibilities and opportunities of life as a Salvation Army soldier. They received a worldwide launch at an event led by General Brian Peddle at International Headquarters in July. Additional resources from territorial headquarters will be released in the months ahead to help Salvationists utilize and engage with these books.

Called to be a Soldier – Exploring the Soldier’s Covenant is the long-awaited successor to Chosen to be a Soldier (also sometimes known as Orders & Regulations for Soldiers). Compiled with the support of the International Theological Council, the book’s easy-to-read content focuses in turn on each of the statements of intention that form the Soldier’s Covenant by outlining the possibilities and opportunities of life as a Salvation Army soldier. The covenant is set in the context of Salvationist theology and practice, showing how the promises made in response to God’s call are also Articles of War – a set of regulations which guide the conduct of an army.

Published as a companion to Called to be a Soldier is Day by Day – Call to Mission, written by Commissioner Robert Street, which considers what following Jesus looks like now and asks: Is it different? Is it essentially the same as always? Or both?

Basing its considerations on General Peddle’s Call to Mission, Day by Day addresses these questions and encourages readers to come up with their own answers, either as individuals or using the content as a basis for group discussion and study. The main purpose, writes Commissioner Street, is to ensure that Jesus and his teaching are always at the heart of our endeavours.

The General has decided that every Salvation Army soldier around the world should have the opportunity to own a printed copy of the books, which contain spaces for notes and personal thoughts. Both books will be available in more than 50 languages and dialects, ensuring as many soldiers as possible can journey together in exploring the implications of soldiership.

At the book launch event, General Peddle explained that Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day provide opportunities to "reconnect what it means to be a soldier," adding that the time had come to move away from soldiership being a "rite of passage" or simply an obligation. "We will be able to serve others with authenticity," he declared.

"I am asking," he challenged, "that all soldiers make themselves available and sacrificially share in God’s mission in the world … I celebrate that, in the midst of a great spiritual warfare, God is doing a new thing – and he calls us to join him in mission. The call is amazingly great and its significance is enormous."

He concluded: "May God bless every soldier and each engagement in his mission to win the world for Jesus."

With reporting by Kevin Sims
IHQ Communications
International Headquarters

Watch below as General Peddle introduces the books:


On Friday, August 27, 2021, Mr Stephen Ajobiah said:

All I need is Lord in my life so please I'm asking that if is possible for Salvation Army church brothers and sisters can post me one Holy Bible and the two new books I saw it online. My address is 46 leeukloof drive Cape Town CBD South Africa and this is my number ±27724362196 Thank you very much brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.



On Friday, August 27, 2021, Norma Rohatyn said:

Where can I purchase these books? I am not currently a soldier but have been renewing my faith. My faith background is based on Army. I have not been a church goer for many years. I believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross. I have always believed in prayer. My interest in renewal is from listening to a Sunday Facebook service lead by Majors Pilgrim from Conception Bay South Salvation Army. I came across the service shortly after Easter this year. The Majors are very good speakers and have drawn me into questioning. If I need to make some personal decisions. I also like the musical ministry. I have always like a SA band. I have good memories of playing in a small corps band. I have attended the odd service at the Regina Corps but never really felt the draw to return, like I feel when listening to the CBS services. I feel I want something more these days.

I would like more biblical information lately. I have been following information in the Salvation Army magazine. I find the information on the updated strategic plan interesting. I was very proud when I listened how the Army took steps to be proactive on the Canadian Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation. I was intrigued by the Sunday follow- up. Having worked many years with and in indigenous communities. I am pleased to see an openness to understanding different culture. I realize the Army is working with many diverse cultures throughout Canada and international territories.

I have been very lengthy in asking where I can buy the books. Thank you

Editor: Books are available through your corps officer. God bless

On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Charlie Ball said:

How does one go about getting the two new books mentioned above? Very interested in them. Thanks and God bless.

Editor: Books are available through your corps officer. God bless


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