Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander, will assume the role of executive officer of the Canadian Staff Band (CSB) on July 1. The commissioner takes the place of Lt-Colonel Jamie Braund, who is now divisional commander of the British Columbia Division.

“The band is sad to see Lt-Colonel Braund leave this role, but feel encouraged and validated by the investment of time and support so generously offered by our territorial leader in taking up this unique ministry opportunity with us,” says John Lam, CSB bandmaster.

Major Dale Pilgrim, officer personnel secretary, will be supporting Commissioner McMillan by assuming responsibility for all of the practical management details and will work directly with CSB leadership.

“We are grateful to Commissioner McMillan for assuming this role at this time as we celebrate the Canadian Staff Band’s 50th anniversary,” says Colonel Lee Graves, chief secretary.

Commissioner McMillan explains why she is excited to take on the role: “The CSB was re-inaugurated 50 years ago—55 years after the sinking of the Empress of Ireland in 1914, when many of the original CSB members lost their lives. My grandfather, Alex MacMillan, was a member of that original band, but because of his wife’s illness, was unable to travel to the International Congress that year and so was not a passenger on the ill-fated voyage. But because of my grandfather, I feel like I have always had a connection to the band.

“As the CSB celebrates five decades of service to our territory and beyond, I felt it was only fitting to acknowledge the tremendous contribution it has made,” Commissioner McMillan continues. “The band has played in countless concerts, meetings and programs, made recordings, taught music clinics and camps, and encouraged musicians all over the world to proclaim the gospel with their God-given talent. To accompany the band in their public engagements over the next year is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to meet the people who are being blessed by the CSB’s ministry.”


On Monday, June 25, 2018, Ken Kimmins said:

Nice to see you've taken on the role of Exec. Officer of The CSB. My Great Grandfather Brig. W. Scott Potter was the Exec. of the Empress CSB, and perished along with his 8 year old (Willard) they are buried in Mt. Pleasant.

Regards Ken Kimmins Vancouver



On Thursday, June 21, 2018, Tom Scheibner said:

Commissioner Susan has always had a real heart for the music ministry of The Salvation Army wherever she has served - both in Canada and abroad. She will be an excellent ambassador for the CSB and you all will be pleased and proud to have her in this role as Canadian Staff Band Executive Officer at the time of your 50th Anniversary.


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