Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander, and the Canadian Staff Band (CSB), accompanied by a team of officers from the Quebec Division, travelled to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, in July, where they encouraged Salvationists at camp meetings.

Commissioner McMillan opened the meetings with a message from Matthew 11, entitled Come and Rest.

“If you are tired, worn out, frustrated and need a rest, you will not find it by lying on the beach for a few days,” she said. “Jesus wants you to get to know him so that you will experience real and lasting rest—and a life that is fulfilling and full of his grace.”

Commissioner Susan McMillan brings the Word to Salvationists during the camp meetingsCommissioner Susan McMillan brings the Word to Salvationists during the camp meetings
Commissioner McMillan reminded the audience that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost—and anyone lost can be saved.

The following day’s morning meeting drew a congregation from around the U.S.A. Eastern Territory and Canada. A musical prelude from the Eastern Territorial Songsters and the CSB encouraged everyone to prepare their hearts and minds to receive God’s Word.

The meeting was led by Commissioner William A. Bamford, territorial commander, U.S.A. Eastern Territory, and featured a testimony from CSB Bandmaster John Lam. He shared how he experienced the remarkable grace of God in the aftermath of the sudden and devastating loss of his wife, Jane, last year.

“Today, I’m not angry, but grateful for the time I had with her,” Lam said. “She brought healing to others during her time of suffering. My son and I grapple with our new reality. Life, light and love is our healing fountain.”

The CSB followed Lam’s testimony with a solemn rendition of And My Soul Overflow!

In her message, Commissioner McMillan encouraged Salvationists to come to “the mountain,” noting that “going to the mountain of the Lord means for us to be in the presence of the Lord. If you feel weak and ineffective, you can come up to the mountain and find release.”

Later that day, Salvationists took the message of Christ to the streets of Old Orchard Beach with a march of witness and musical performances at the pier.

Camp meetings and activities continued the next day with a fun run to raise money for the Army’s anti-human trafficking ministries. The evening service featured a spectacular and inspiring concert by the CSB, and a thought-provoking devotional from Lt-Colonel Jamie Braund, the CSB’s executive officer and territorial secretary for personnel.

The Canadian Staff Band blesses the congregation with a musical selectionThe Canadian Staff Band blesses the congregation with a musical selection
The band played a number of selections from their recent CD, Undaunted, as well as songs recalling their home country, including The Canadian, a march, and a Canadian Folk Song Suite.

In his message, Lt-Colonel Braund reminded the congregation that we have “a living God in whom we can put our hope and trust. Every day, God is transforming lives. I have the assurance he is a God who loves us.”

Lt-Colonel Braund shared a story about a woman on a plane who saw his Salvation Army uniform and asked, “Does God have a plan for my life?”

“We are surrounded by a world of people who are desperate to hear about our God who could possibly make things beautiful in their lives, too,” he said.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Derek Lance, bandmaster of the New York Staff Band, thanked Bandmaster John Lam and the CSB for their rich musical contribution. “They are the friendliest bunch of guys,” Lance said.

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