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    Territorial Music School Encourages Youth

    More than 100 students gather at Jackson’s Point Camp, Ont., for music school. September 11, 2019 by Kristin Ostensen
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    The massed chorus performs at the final program
    The massed chorus performs at the final program
    Fifty years ago, 113 students gathered at Jackson’s Point Camp, Ont., for the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s first National Music Camp. Now called Territorial Music School (TMS), the camp still plays an important role in the life of the territory, as youth gather each year to improve their musical skills, develop friendships and deepen their faith. This year was no exception as 118 students attended the camp in August, coming from corps across the territory, as well as Hong Kong, Chile, France, Australia, the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

    Robyn Purcell (Montreal Citadel) and Julianna Gerard (Oshawa Temple, Ont.) sing with the Worship Team electiveRobyn Purcell (Montreal Citadel) and Julianna Gerard (Oshawa Temple, Ont.) sing with the Worship Team elective
    Neil Smith, territorial music secretary, U.S.A. Western Territory, and bandmaster, U.S.A. Western Territory Staff Band, was the special guest at this year’s TMS. Along with leading the A Band, Smith also played soprano cornet in a regular band and piano for a mixed chorus. The Bible program this year was based on the theme “This is my Story” and featured different guest speakers each day.

    “I wanted to be sure that when each student returned home from TMS, they would know that no matter their story, they have a God who will walk the entire journey with them,” explains Craig Lewis, territorial secretary for music and gospel arts.

    A highlight of the camp was an open Alumni Day, which saw 80 former students gather to make music in a band and mixed chorus, culminating in an evening program featuring these groups. Leadership was shared by alumni and current leaders, with Lewis and Kevin Hayward (former bandmaster, Canadian Staff Band) leading the band, and Lynn Janes and Heather Osmond leading the chorus. Robert Miller (euphonium) and Janes (vocal) offered solos, while Serena Fairweather led the alumni timbrels. Tim Braund, who was a student at the very first National Music Camp and spent more than 20 years as a student and faculty member, offered a reflection on the influence and legacy of the camp.

    A group of young people playing cornetThe front-row cornets of the Norman Bearcroft Band
    A special announcement was made at the alumni program that, going forward, the regular bands and mixed choruses will have permanent names honouring territorial music secretaries who have played a significant role in the history of the camp. Those being honoured include Norman Bearcroft, Brian Burditt and Robert Redhead (band), and Leonard Ballantine, Kevin Metcalf and Kenneth Rawlins (chorus).

    Music leaders from around the territory led TMS’s three streams—brass band, chorus and worship team. Ron Heintzman (Meadowlands Corps, Hamilton, Ont.), John Lam (London Citadel, Ont.; bandmaster, Canadian Staff Band) and Marcus Venables (Toronto’s North York Temple; territorial music and gospel arts department) helmed the bands. Susan Kroeker (Calgary’s Glenmore Temple) and Heather Osmond (Toronto’s Cedarbrae Community Church; territorial music and gospel arts department) led the Women’s Chorus and the A Chorus, respectively, while the worship teams were led by Lori and Dave Wilson (Richmond Hill Community Church, Ont.) and Laura Rowsell (Glenmore Temple) with Meghan Gough (Mississauga Temple Community Church, Ont.).

    All of the groups had an opportunity to shine and share what they had learned at TMS at the final program, held at Toronto’s Scarborough Citadel. As the massed chorus concluded the program with Go With God, all those in attendance left TMS spiritually refreshed.

    Watch the TMS Midweek Festival:

    Watch the TMS Final Festival:

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