Commissioner Floyd Tidd, territorial commander, has approved the following appointments:

Majors Shawn and Brenda Critch:
 Majors Critch will take up their new appointments in the Ontario Division with the rank of Lieut-Colonel, effective June 26, 2020.

Major Richard Zelinsky: In recognition of the significant influence and importance of millennial leaders within the territory, Major Richard Zelinsky will give leadership to a new initiative tailored specifically to this demographic, taking up a new appointment at territorial headquarters as Millennial Project Officer, corps ministries department, effective April 1, 2020.

Major Deana Zelinsky: In recognition of the expanding desire of non-officers to engage in ministry leadership, the territory will invest in a new training initiative specifically tailored to the needs of non-officer leaders. Major Deana Zelinsky will give leadership to this new initiative, taking up a new appointment at territorial headquarters as Territorial Training and Development Officer, personnel services, effective April 1, 2020. This will be in addition to her responsibilities as area commander in the Ontario Central-East Division.

Captains Mark and Jodi Dunstan: Effective April 1, 2020, Captains Dunstan will take on the additional responsibility of Ontario Camping Ministries.


On Thursday, March 12, 2020, Shayne Stanton said:

It will be interesting to see more about the training initiative that Deana will be looking after. May be very interested in this.


On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, GJ said:

Interested to see what this Millennial Project is going to uncover and bring forth. Here’s hope that it brings with it a bigger move toward Social Justice for all within our Territory. God bless the Canada & Bermuda Terriotry!


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