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    5 Must Do's for Visitors to Return

    Keep them coming back! April 18, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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    Here are 5 easy things you can do, to increase the probability of having guests return again sooner!

    1.­ Make sure you have greeters with name tags at your door, to welcome people, and give assistance as needed.

    2.­ Advertise your upcoming sermon series, special community or fellowship events, Easter,  special Mother's Day service, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and fundraisers - either in your printed material or from the pulpit.­ Remember to use inclusive language.

    3.­ Prepare a slide, series of slides, or printed handout to promote upcoming events. Make sure you include your contact information, website or facebook address!

    4.­ Use a visitor card system or have your greeter personally introduce visitors to the pastor and collect contact info.­ This gives you even greater opportunity to follow up later.­ But, don't use them and NOT follow up!­

    5.­ Place key people at the door as people leave, to recognize and intentionally speak with every visitor/guest.­ Provide a handout as they go, with information and contact numbers.