The Salvation Army, in partnership with The Mosaic Company, is providing backpacks filled with nutritious food to at-risk elementary students in ReginaThe Salvation Army Haven of Hope Ministries in Regina is partnering with The Mosaic Company to provide backpacks filled with nutritious food to at-risk elementary students through the Mosaic Backpack Feeding Program. The company contributed $50,000 to fund the program, covering the cost of backpacks, weekly food, transportation and dedicated staff.

“This initiative provides children with food on weekends—a time when they ordinarily would be going without,” says Brad DeLorey, director of public affairs for Mosaic. “We are helping fill a gap in the lives of families in need, by ensuring they have the nutrition required to be productive at the beginning of each school week.”

As part of Mosaic's hands-on approach to community giving, the company will also give its employees an opportunity to volunteer with the weekly operations of the program.

The backpack food program currently assists 19 families with plans to grow. The cost to feed a child over the weekend is just $20 with careful planning and bulk buying done through The Salvation Army.

“When a child receives consistent and proper nutrition it enables them to think clearly, succeed academically and ultimately make good decisions,” says Charity Putman, community feeding co-ordinator at Haven of Hope.

Coronation Park Community School was chosen as the pilot school for the program. Each Friday, wheeled backpacks filled with food are dropped off at the school and returned Monday. Teachers expect to see a noticeable difference in their student's productivity on Monday and Tuesday mornings, as the food will improve a child's health and spirit.

Photo: Major Doug Binner, corps officer and community ministries officer, Haven of Hope Ministries; Greg Smith, principal, Coronation Park Community School; Charity Putman; Brad DeLorey


On Wednesday, April 24, 2013, Cheryl Moore said:

This sounds like a great program. Is this run as an alternative to a food bank by the corp or family services? also how is the food handed out at the school so that students are not centered out as in need?

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