The 2019 Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on October 21. Federal elections provide an opportunity for people of faith to reconsider what their faith commitments have to do with Canadian public life. Faith can provide an enduring vision of hope, a penetrating perspective on justice for all, and deep convictions about community, care for others, a love for creation, solidarity and service. 

Ahead of the election, the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC), of which The Salvation Army is a member, has finalized an election guide to serve as a source of reflection for all who are participating in this election. The priority issues explored in the resource include:
  • Refugees
  • Peace and disarmament
  • Climate
  • Reconciliation
  • Poverty
  • Palliative care
  • Religious freedom
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Public health care

Each priority issue includes sample questions you can ask of candidates, then lists resources and links where you can learn more. Download the full 2019 Federal Election Guide here. Download the Election Guide in French.

The Salvation Army has also produced an election guide, containing "dos and don'ts" for how the Army can engage responsibly during an election season. Download the Army's election guide here.

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On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Reverend Norm Gardner said:

How very disturbing that abortion is not even on the list. The continued slaughter of millions of innocent babies is horrific and needs to be stopped!


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