On April 7, The Salvation Army’s territorial magazines, website and digital media won 14 awards from the Canadian Christian Communicators Association (formerly Canadian Church Press) in a virtual ceremony. 

Overall, Salvationist took home seven awards, Faith & Friends received four and digital media garnered three. Magazine award categories ranged from Biblical/Theological Reflection to Feature Layout and Design to the new category of Feature Series.

Illustration of Salvation Army shield as a face maskThe Salvation Army won first place for the marketing campaign "Everyone Needs an Army"
The territorial headquarters’ marketing and communications department took home 1st place in the Marketing Campaign category for their COVID-19-related “Everyone Needs an Army” campaign. Also highlighted was the editorial department’s Salvationist Podcast in 2nd place, and social media, which earned an honourable mention. The awards were given for work published in the 2020 calendar year.

Lt-Colonel John P. Murray, secretary for communications, notes, “Once again, we are thankful to our editorial department and marketing and communications team for their excellent work. These awards are a credit to our Salvationist writers, designers, artists and videographers. Contributions from the Ethics Centre, international development, program and youth departments, and many others from around the territory have made our communications products a standout in their field.”

The Canadian Christian Communicators Association includes representatives from approximately 50 member publications, including mainline, Catholic and evangelical churches. Member publications were invited to enter in more than 30 categories. The awards were judged by accomplished journalists and academics from both the religious and secular media.

Here is a full list of the awards:


Biblical/Theological Reflection
2nd place—“Finding His Way Back”—Author: Lt-Colonel Lindsay Rowe

Opinion Piece
2nd place—“Uniquely Human”—Author: John McAlister

Front Cover/Page
2nd place—“Looking Up/Voit See”—Photographer: Arnau Cunties Ferras; Designer: Brandon Laird

Feature Layout and Design
2nd place—“Campfires, Canoes and COVID-19”—Designer: Brandon Laird; Editor: Pamela Richardson

Feature Series
3rd place—Ethically Speaking—Authors: “Hungry for Change,” Captain Angelica Hernandez; “Sacred Wishes,” Captain Crystal Porter; “Sight Unseen,” Major Glenda Davis; Editor: Giselle Randall

Biographical Profile
3rd place—“The Road Back to Hope”—Author: Kristin Ostensen

Photo Essay
3rd place—“Blessings in Bangladesh”—Photographer: Mark Yan; Designer: Brandon Laird

Faith & Friends

Biographical Profile
2nd place—“Tricks of the Trade”—Author and Editor: Ken Ramstead

Original Artwork
3rd place—“Best Breakfast Quarantined”—Artist: Dennis Jones; Designer: Brandon Laird

Front Cover/Page
3rd place—“Jacob’s Bell”—Editor: Ken Ramstead; Designer: Brandon Laird

Feature Layout and Design
3rd place—“Ordeal in the Operating Room”—Designer: Brandon Laird; Editor: Ken Ramstead


2nd place—“Mission in a Pandemic”—Host: Brandon Laird; Production: Hannah Saley, Leigh Vegh

Social Media
Honourable Mention—Salvationist

Communications and Marketing

Marketing Campaign—Grey Canada
1st place—“Everyone Needs an Army” (COVID-19 National Campaign)


On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Ann said:

Congratulations! You are a fantastic group. God bless you.


On Sunday, April 11, 2021, Floyd J Tidd said:

Congratulations once again! The communications team, including writers, designers, photographers and editors continue to provide an avenue for the stories to be told and for hope to rise above the confusion and the chaos. This has been a year in which the work of the team has not only shared the stories, but enabled people to embrace the story and find their place within the greater story of God's divine design and love. Well done!


On Friday, April 9, 2021, James Read said:

Congratulations. Proud of all the writers, designers, editors and others who are recognized with these rewards. The Good News needs good communicators. Keep up the good work.


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