Representatives of the 26 member denominations of The Canadian Council of Churches have submitted a letter to the Government of Canada, urging the government to support the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This council includes The Salvation Army, and the letter was signed by Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander, Canada and Bermuda Territory.

The letter states, "Our call for the elimination of nuclear weapons is rooted in our belief that the Earth is God’s and that all that is in it is under both God’s love and judgment.

"Nuclear arsenals cannot defend against attack nor protect humanity or any part of God’s Creation. We believe that to rely on nuclear weapons, to threaten nuclear attack as a foundation for security is ineffective and ethically problematic. Peace needs to be based on justice and on building mutual respect between nations and Peoples."

Read the full text of the letter in English; in French.


On Monday, January 14, 2019, Ian Brady said:

We should remeber history and the awful things which have happened across the continent of Europ in the last hundred years. We have Russian which is expanding her territory by armed force, China is using her powerful navey in expanding in to other countries territorial waters. Both countries are creating mayhem around the world to force there thinking onto others. I don't think now is the time to reduce our ability to defend ourself and others with countries who act in the way that I have discribed who have nuclear weapons who are not frightened of world option when they encourage use of chemical weapons. I agree nuclear weapons are terrible and in a civilised world we shouldn't have them but others don't think like us and many a country has lost its freedoms and its people by such actions. Hitler said when he was told that the killing of the Jewish nation was illegal " here I stand with my bayonets there you stand with your book d of what you will". The Army which I have great respect for should argue on such issues as the poor, the hungry and be a voice to those who have no voice....


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