The Canada and Bermuda Territory had a banner year for fundraising in 2020-2021, raising more than $150 million across Canada. In Bermuda, the Red Shield Appeal raised BD$1.9 million, more than double the amount raised the previous year.

Donations in Canada increased in all categories and in every division. The Red Shield Appeal, which includes general donations toward Army programs and services, raised $58.6 million, surpassing $50 million for the first time in the territory’s history. The Army also received almost $44 million in legacy income, which includes gifts from the estates of donors.

Supporters gave a further $42.8 million in specified gifts, which go to specific programs or ministries. That amount was up from $14 million in the previous year, in large part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This past year, we have seen an increase in needs because of the pandemic and the community has responded in an incredible way,” says Janet Park, chief development officer. “Our donors see that The Salvation Army is still working—we’ve got boots on the ground every day of the year—and we’re pivoting the way our services and programs happen so they can be done safely.”

One of those specified donations came from the Rogers Foundation, which gave $10 million for COVID relief—the largest private donation in the territory’s history.

Looking at the fundraising success of the Army in Bermuda, Park praises the efforts of the division’s volunteer advisory board, divisional leadership, ministry units and corps to show how the Army is making a difference in Bermuda.

“They have worked really hard to share that story and Bermudians are responding—individuals, families and business partners,” Park notes.

“People give to The Salvation Army because they believe in the work of the Army and they know we are good stewards of the funds entrusted to our care,” she concludes. “Their generosity is so humbling.”

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