The Salvation Army in Canada is helping to ensure that every corner of the globe has access to life-saving vaccines by supporting the national Love My Neighbour project. An initiative undertaken by Millennium Kids in partnership with UNICEF Canada and diverse faith communities, Love My Neighbour aims to ensure global COVID-19 vaccine equity by procuring doses for 92 countries with limited access to vaccines.

“Since COVID-19 hit, we have had regular communication with our international partners regarding its impact in their respective countries,” says Lt-Colonel Brenda Murray, director of international development. “It’s heartbreaking to hear that not everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated. A global pandemic requires a global approach, and because of this, we were happy to support the Love My Neighbour campaign. It was, and is, the right thing to do.”

The Salvation Army has funded $100,000 toward this initiative, and the Government of Canada has matched that amount, doubling the impact of the Army's contribution. With the matching funds, the Army has helped to provide 8,000 complete vaccinations to the world’s hardest-to-reach communities. A single $25 donation is enough to pay for the first and second dose for an individual, as well as the costs associated with it, which include transporting the vaccine, training health-care workers to administer it and safely disposing the waste.

“We must be better neighbours,” says Sara Hildebrand, project co-ordinator for Love My Neighbour. “We want to cross the COVID-19 immunity line side by side, and write this pandemic ending together.”

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On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Mr. A. King said:

Very much in support. My question is, I teach a Bible Study class at the corps and I am wondering what the Army's position is on the vaccine concerns. Does the Army require that all participants must have received the two vaccine shots? I do have two members who are anti-vaccine.

On Friday, July 16, 2021, Senthil Kumaran said:

As of this moment, the whole world is struggling to deal with the spread of the virus and the measures TSA is taking is so promising and commendable. May Almighty helps Salvation Army to continue to do more for the people around the world.


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