These five articles were among the 10 most-read articles on in 2017. (Read Part 2 for #5-1.)

10. Wanted: More Music
Open community choirs or bands can be an effective means of evangelism.
by General John Larsson (Rtd)

Music is one of The Salvation Army's greatest strengths. But are "soldiers-only" musical groups missing a huge evangelistic opportunity? asks General John Larsson.

9. An Atheist's Prayer
I didn't believe in God. So why was I so angry with him?
by Lieutenant Brad Webster

“Daddy, who is God?” This question prompted a journey from grief and anger to forgiveness and Salvation Army officership for Lieutenant Brad Webster.

8. In the Joy of the Lord
New lieutenants equipped and mobilized to share the gospel.

Ahead of their commissioning in July, the Canada and Bermuda Territory's Joyful Intercessors Session share their calling to officership.

7. Salvation Army Launches The Whole World Mobilising Initiative
New program to help Salvationists move the Army's mission forward.

For Salvationists, 2017 was a year of getting out and reaching out, thanks in part to The Whole World Mobilising initiative. Read about the launch event that started it all.

6. The Man Behind the Uniform
One of the Army's most recognizable symbols is stitched with prayer.
by David Kang

This popular article from 2015 made the top 10 again this year. For tailor David Kang, making Salvation Army uniforms is more than a job; it's a vocation.

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