These five articles were the most-read articles on in 2017. (Read Part 1 for #10-6.)

5. In Harm's Way
How my daughter and I healed our self-inflicted scars together.
by Major Shirley King

Major Shirley King thought she had a picture-perfect life, until a phone call from a school counsellor revealed that her daughter was "cutting." Read about their journey from self-harm to healing.

4. General Leads 150th Anniversary Celebrations at Oldest Surviving Salvation Army Corps
"William Booth would be proud and pleased to see that The Salvation Army in Poplar is still fulfilling the mission of God," General André Cox declares.

The Salvation Army's oldest surviving corps is still going strong! Read how they celebrated their 150-year milestone with the General.

3. Gospel Singers
New Canadian Staff Songsters will lead territory in vocal ministry.
by Kristin Ostensen
Making their debut in December 2016, the Canadian Staff Songsters aim to enrich the faith of Salvationists across the territory and beyond, and advance the mission of The Salvation Army through song.

2. Faithful Warrior
God's promises sustain me as I battle cancer.
by Lt-Colonel Joan Canning

From the April edition of Salvationist magazine, Lt-Colonel Joan Canning shares this powerful testimony of God's faithfulness during her six-year battle with cancer. Lt-Colonel Canning was promoted to glory in September 2017.

1. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
How our marriage endured the ups and downs of bipolar disorder.
by Majors Owen and Sandra Budden

Our most popular article this year is a moving testimony of 29 years of marriage, in sickness and in health, as Majors Owen and Sandra Budden open up about his struggle with bipolar disorder.

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