These articles were the most-read articles on in 2023, and the news highlights of the year.

10. Undercover Salvationist
From the Atlantic to the Pacific and points in-between, Major Owen Budden has been a proud member of The Salvation Army.

Although Major Owen Budden didn't grow up in The Salvation Army, he told God he would serve him anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow. “To have the opportunity to speak to people who are struggling and develop ways to help them is a big part of why I love The Salvation Army," he says.

9. Music and Lyrics
Salvation Worship revives songwriting in The Salvation Army.

Music from megachurches is hugely popular—but what impact does this have on the worship life and theology of the local church? The article explores how the Canada and Bermuda Territory is breathing new life into Salvation Army songwriting.

8. An Enduring Faithfulness
How The Salvation Army shaped my town—and me.

Colonel Genevera Vincent's hometown of Monkstown, N.L., had no church or full-time minister until The Salvation Army came along in 1900, building a small but mighty congregation that lasted more than 120 years. In this article, she reflects on how the corps and its people have impacted her life and spiritual journey. 

7. To Serve and Save Souls
Colonels John and Lani Chamness take up appointments as chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s ministries.

As the Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed Colonels John and Lani Chamness, they sat down for an interview to share their approach to ministry and the inspiration they would bring into their new appointments.

6. And the Band Played On
Ontario seniors’ bands are a source of connection and camaraderie.

As a cornerstone of Salvation Army heritage, brass banding plays an instrumental role in the identity of Salvationists. Across Ontario, three seniors’ bands offer retirees a place for music, enrichment and quality fellowship. Read stories from Jubilee, Heritage and Legacy Brass.

5. Lifting Each Other Up
As Commissioners Lee and Debbie Graves return as territorial leaders, they remind us of the importance of taking risks, investing in people and keeping the main thing the main thing.

The Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed home Commissioners Lee and Debbie Graves this year, as they became territorial leaders in September. In this interview, the commissioners share reflections on their international service, leadership lessons and hopes for our territory.

4. Learning to Live in the Valley
How an uncertain medical diagnosis refocused my priorities.

Captain Bhreagh Rowe was determined to not fear the hard stuff in life—until early 2023 when her family faced the lowest valley yet. Read how her son's health challenges taught them to focus on the things that matter, and to live every day with one foot in heaven and one on earth.

3. A Passion for Preaching
Riley Hobbs’ God-given gifts have helped him develop a stronger connection with The Salvation Army.

If you visit The Salvation Army's Little Heart’s Ease Corps, N.L., you might be surprised when the preacher steps up to the pulpit. Riley Hobbs is 17. Without a regular corps officer, Riley leads and preaches regularly. Find out why he's not letting his age stop him from pursuing ministry.

2. The Great Divide
In a polarized world, are Christians any different than our surrounding culture?

Do you ever feel like Christianity has splintered into two distinct factions? On one side, those who prioritize love and grace. On the other, those who prioritize truth and the authority of Scripture. Unfortunately, our disagreements and division in the church can look strikingly like division in the rest of society. In this thought-provoking article, Salvationist Rebekah McNeilly asks, Is there a better way?

1. Meet the Reflectors of Holiness
New officers committed to holy living as ministers in The Salvation Army.

Ahead of their commissioning in July, the territory's newest officers reflect on their calling, their training experiences and what it means to reflect God's holiness.

News Highlights of 2023

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