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    End of Year is Coming

    Update all your Statistics November 11, 2020 Corps Mission Resource
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    Ministry Resources
    Only a few weeks left in 2020 and its time to make sure that annual SAMIS information is as complete as possible.  Revisit months during the year and make sure that all activities have been captured.  SAMIS was customized in 2020 to accommodate COVID virtual activities so that virtual worship, small groups, special  efforts to share and care for members can be acknowledged.

    Look for these boxes on regular program activities:
    boxes available for statistics including for virtual meetings, care packages, virtual households, ministry connections

    Sunday and Mid-Week Worship
    Services: Corps that are broadcasting worship or mid-week services can use the fields #virtual meeting sand #virtual households to record statistics. This allows for the understanding that there may be several people viewing in a household together.These are new fields that have been added to SAMIS for various activities including Sunday Worship -AM, Prayer and Bible Study.Corps whose members are tuning in to the territorial worship service provided virtually every Sunday are not required to record how many did so. Those numbers will be reflected in the future as a collective number from THQ.

    Weekly Programs Corps that are using virtual platforms for other regular activities that allow individual counts of small groups such as Women’s Ministries groups, prayer and Bible study, or Sunday school can enter their statistics into the same activity, under #virtual meetings and #virtual households as well.

    Seekers –First Time During these days of uncertainty many seek spiritual counsel by phone, and the potential to extend God’s kingdom is great. If opportunities to lead people into a relationship with Jesus arise, please make sure you indicate in the area Seekers –First Time. This can be entered under the Activity –Pastoral Visitation.

    COVID Innovative Ministries: Use #Care/Resource Packages for special deliveries made to members.  These might include weekly devotional or sermon materials for people without access to technology; care packages for members.  The field #Ministry Connections (Calls,Cards) can be used to track intentional efforts by phone or mail to keep in contact with members.