Booth University College’s largest graduating class ever was sent out into the world in April during convocation celebrations held in Winnipeg.

More than 600 people were in attendance at Knox United Church to celebrate the 120 graduates.

“Education for a better world, as the slogan of the university college says, depends upon God’s people responding to the impulse of the Holy Spirit in every situation,” said Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander and Booth University College’s chancellor, during the baccalaureate service. “My prayer for all of us here today is that we would be open to his leading, willing to use every opportunity that God provides to witness about the light of the world, Jesus Christ.”

“Graduating class: Congratulations, you have done it!” proclaimed Dr. Marjory Kerr, president of Booth University College. “You represent a range of ages, cultures, interests and programs of study. But regardless of the path and the journey you have taken, this afternoon, we celebrate your accomplishments, your perseverance and your success, and we’ve come to honour you and to let you know how proud we are of each of you.”

After the students received their diplomas, Commissioner McMillan presented the Chancellor’s Medal to bachelor of arts graduate Laura Nadine Hepditch and bachelor of social work graduate Amy Lynn Patrick. Bachelor of arts graduate Lieutenant Laura Hickman was awarded the General’s Medal, while bachelor of social work graduate Elan Marie Mueller was valedictorian.

“If you want your education to count for a better world, you have to live in a way that is wise,” Hepditch advised her classmates. “To be wise means to live in such a way that good things are produced and reproduced. It means paying it forward. It’s living by the fruits of the Spirit. It’s being slow to speak and quick to listen.

“Much of living wisely is in how we respond to what happens to us,” Hepditch continued. “Think before you react and be intentional in what you do. How you respond to the world around you makes a greater difference than you may realize. It’s how you use the gifts that God has given you that matters.”

Photo (above): Booth’s 2018 graduating class with, front, from left, Dr. Marjory Kerr; Commissioner Susan McMillan; Brigadier General Linda Colwell, chair, Booth University College’s Board of Trustees; and Dr. Michael Boyce, academic dean

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