These five articles were the most-read articles on in 2018. (Read Part 1 for #10-6.)

5. The 21st General for the 21st Century
An interview with General-elect Commissioner Brian Peddle.
Interview by Lt-Colonel Brian Venables

After Commissioner Brian Peddle was elected General in May, this was The Salvation Army's first opportunity to hear from our new leader about his vision for the Army.

4. Inside the High Council
A step-by-step guide to the election of a Salvation Army General.
by Commissioner William W. Francis

Ahead of the 2018 High Council, Commissioner William W. Francis, former territorial commander in the Canada and Bermuda Territory, gave readers a "sneak peek" of the proceedings.

3. Holy Protest
Lt-Colonel Wendy Swan explains why a public response to injustice is essential to Salvationism.
Interview by Kristin Ostensen

In this fascinating interview, Lt-Colonel Wendy Swan discusses protest as political holiness and why The Salvation Army shouldn’t be afraid to upset society.

2. Commissioner Brian Peddle Elected General of The Salvation Army
Canadian officers to be next international leaders of the Army.

Our top news story of the year is, of course, the election of General Brian Peddle. Salvationists around the world celebrated and joined in prayer for General-elect Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.

1. The Soldiership Dilemma
Have we missed Jesus' missional intent?
by Captain Peter Hobbs

This article by Australian officer Captain Peter Hobbs sparked a lot of discussion—43 comments and counting. Read the piece and add your own thoughts on soldiership.

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