These five articles were among the 10 most-read articles on in 2018. 

10. Gospel Mission
New lieutenants ready to share the good news with the world.

Ahead of their commissioning in June, the Canada and Bermuda Territory's Messengers of the Gospel Session share their calling to officership and reflect on the meaning of their sessional name.

9. Walking on Water
Despair drove Lieutenants Lance and Monika Gillard to leave officership. God’s relentless love brought them back.
by Kristin Ostensen

Lieutenants Lance and Monika Gillard's moving testimony of leaving and returning to officership. “When God has a calling, when he has a purpose for your life, he doesn’t let you go.”

8. High Council updates
As The Salvation Army elected a new global leader this spring, Salvationists followed the daily updates with anticipation. These two updates were the most popular: Plans Under Way for 2018 High Council and Ground-breaking Nominations Received at 2018 High Council.

7. Fiddles and Family
Celtic music's power couple Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy keep faith as their centre.
by Kristin Ostensen

While music is central to life for world-famous fiddlers Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, the only thing that's even more important is their Christian faith.

6. Salvation Army Remembers Empress of Ireland Sinking
Events in Toronto and Rimouski, Que., commemorate Canada's worst peacetime maritime disaster.

This popular article from 2014 made the top 10 again this year. When the Empress of Ireland sank in 1914, more than 150 officers and soldiers in The Salvation Army lost their lives. On the 100th anniversary, The Salvation Army commemorated this great loss and reflected on its long-term impact.

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