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10. Wrestling With God
How can we help people reconstruct their faith?

In recent years, a growing movement of "ex-vangelicals" have been leaving the church as they deconstruct their faith. What can The Salvation Army do to help the people in our pews who may be struggling? Aimee Patterson, a Christian ethics consultant at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre in Winnipeg, offers some practical suggestions.

9. New Cadets Welcomed
Canada and Bermuda Territory acknowledges eight individuals as they begin officer training.

Salvationists, family and friends gathered at Toronto’s Yorkminster Citadel in September to welcome eight cadets as they commenced field-based tailored training.

8. Salvation Army Supports Those Impacted by Crisis in Ukraine
Response continues in various European countries.

An overview of how The Salvation Army is providing assistance to those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

7. Long-Service Salvation
Sharon Wynne is certain The Salvation Army is the only place for her.

After 55 years as a Salvation Army employee, Sharon Wynne is nowhere close to retirement. “I love The Salvation Army,” she says. “It’s in my blood, which I think is yellow, red and blue!” 

6. A Cord of Three Strands
The secret to a long and healthy marriage.

Major Sheldon Bungay shares what he learned from an older friend who recently lost his spouse of more than 70 years.

5. Mississauga Corps Merge to Become One Church
Three corps unite to become Mississauga Community Church.

Mississauga Temple, Erin Mills Corps and Cornerstone Community Church have merged to become one corps operating at three sites. “We believed we were being led by God in this direction,” says Susan Taylor, director of corps ministries. 

4. From Terminal Cancer to a Miracle
Had I put a question mark on my prayers?

On July 9, 2019, Darlene Tustin, a senior soldier at The Salvation Army's Belleville Citadel, Ont., sat in a doctor's office. "Her words will forever be etched in my memory," she says. "Cancer. Inoperable. Terminal.” She prayed for strength and perseverance, but her church friends and family prayed for a miracle.

3. Movie Review: Redeeming Love
Novel and movie adaptation paint an unhealthy picture of love. 

Loosely based on the Book of Hosea, Redeeming Love tells the story of Angel, a prostitute, and Michael Hosea, the farmer who marries her. It sounds like a simple love story, but as Captain Laura Van Schaick notes, Michael demonstrates some disturbing characteristics of abuse. 

2. The Voices of Angels
From kettle bells to Broadway, this sister duo's talent soars.

Last year, Cassandra and Callahan Armstrong from Fort Frances, Ont., went viral for their beautiful rendition of An Easter Hallelujah. Read the story behind the song and why they're proud supporters of The Salvation Army.

1. Meet the Messengers of Reconciliation and Auxiliary-Captains
New officers mobilized to share hope in a hurting world. 

Ahead of their commissioning in June, our territory's newest officers reflect on their calling, their experience of training during the pandemic and what it means to be a minister of reconciliation in a broken world.


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