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Conference Workshops

All workshops listed below will be open for registration in January 2023. Conference delegates will have the opportunity to attend seven of these relevant and inspiring workshops over the three days of conference.  While the workshops are categorized into streams delegates will not be restricted to participating within any one stream. Get ready to be inspired!

Business Stream

Utilizing Property Assets for Mission

Presented by Captain Brent Haas, Encounter Community Church, Halifax, Maritime Div

Many Salvation Army properties (corps buildings) are underutilized and yet hold great potential to advance mission in our communities. This workshop will deliver insights on how local congregations and corps leadership can utilize their properties to their full potential.

Divine Redesign: A New Look for Your Old Building

Presented by Captains Bhreagh and Daniel Rowe, and Captain Mark Young, St. Albert Church and Community Centre, Alta. & N.T. Div, and Cross Bridge Church, Winnipeg, Prairie Div

This workshop will visually demonstrate two first-hand accounts of how to address functionally challenged properties by redesigning and reimagining our buildings and existing assets in a way that promotes mission advancement and best meets the needs of our communities.

Caring for Our Communities, Our Planet and Our Mission Through Our Thrift Stores

Presented by Ted Troughton, National Recycling Operations

Thrift stores can support the mission of The Salvation Army, whether managed by NRO or a corps. This workshop will provide tips on operating efficiently and creating a store environment that offers dignity to the client and generates funds. Open dialogue will allow participants to learn from each other.

Inspiring the Integration of Faith and Business

Presented by Alana Walker Carpenter, Intriciti: Integration of Faith and Business

A panel discussion with three business leaders on the opportunities and challenges of integrating faith and business. This workshop will provide an overview of the faith and business movement, practical insights and tangible skills to integrate rather than compartmentalize faith.

Making Sense of the Numbers

Presented by Samantha Moss and Finance Team Members, Finance Department, THQ

This session will provide information on key financial concepts and issues that relate to the delivery of mission in The Salvation Army. Whether you are a seasoned ministry unit leader or a rookie, there will be something for everyone who wants to improve their financial management skills.

Children & Youth Stream

Brave—I Am Informed

Presented by Rebekah McNeilly and Major Ray Lamont, Women's Ministries, THQ, and Social Mission Department, THQ

This workshop will inform BRAVE event leaders and young women about human trafficking, empower women to defend themselves against exploitation, offer strategies for engaging young women who may be vulnerable or exploited, and explore how the BRAVE philosophy works symbiotically with the Army’s mission.

Yellow and Red Make Orange: When the Church and Home Actually Work Together

Presented by Sheryl Slous, supported by a representative from Orange, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

Two combined influences are stronger than those same influences working independently. Learn how your church can effectively partner with parents, grandparents and caregivers to influence a child's spiritual development, discover why family ministry is critical in today's world and gain strategies for how this could look in your setting.

How to Peel an Orange: Using Orange Strategy and Resources Effectively in Any Setting

Presented by Sheryl Slous, supported by a representative from Orange, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

Leaders will learn how to invest in the future through the amazing resources Orange has to offer that are adaptable for large and small corps. Learn how to connect with children, youth and their families, and grow your ministry through Orange and the creative ways it can be used.

Connecting With Purpose: Camper Follow-Up When the Summer is Over

Presented by Chris Noel, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

Leaders will learn, share and discuss camper follow-up tools that have been effective in various settings across the Army world. Learn how to connect campers with the larger corps family and program offerings. Get new tools and resources for effective camper follow-up, and creative ways to engage with camper families.  

Rebuilding Children's Ministry From the Ground Up

Presented by Sheryl Slous, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

This workshop will help you build a children’s ministry from the ground up. Learn how to meaningfully connect with children to grow your ministry and the kingdom of God, discover new approaches to children’s ministry, access @theREADY resources and ideas, and network with other leaders who are making it work.

Child Safety - Part 1

Presented by Nancy Turley, The Salvation Army Territorial Abuse Advisor 

This critically important two-part workshop will offer camp staff and youth leaders standardized training and resources. It will inspire leaders to more effectively support children and youth who have experienced abuse and equip participants with tangible skills to support children and youth.

Child Safety - Part 2

Presented by Nancy Turley, The Salvation Army Territorial Abuse Advisor 

In Part 2, delegates will continue to learn about child safety and its critical importance to our mission. You will need to attend Part One before you attend Part Two.

Supporting Children in Crisis

Presented by Captain Kristen Jackson-Dockeray, Candidates Office, THQ/College for Officer Training

It is becoming more evident that children are struggling with their mental health, and children's ministry leaders are feeling unequipped to support them. This session will identify strategies and best practices to ensure children and our programs are safe as leaders respond to this growing need in society.

Supporting Youth in Crisis

Presented by Captain Kristen Jackson-Dockeray, Candidates Office, THQ/College for Officer Training

It is becoming more evident that youth are struggling with their mental health, and youth leaders are feeling unequipped to support them. This session will identify strategies and best practices to ensure youth and our programs are safe as leaders respond to this growing need in society.

Becoming a Discernment Partner 

Presented by Shona Burdit, supported by Captain Kristen Jackson-Dockeray, Candidates Office, THQ/College for Officer Training

Helping someone discern God’s call is a privilege that can be ours in ministry. This session will help you become a discernment partner as you build capacity, confidence and conversation skills for engaging with children, youth and young adults to help them determine God’s leading for their life. 

Discerning God's Voice

Presented by Captain Kristen Jackson-Dockeray, supported by Divisional Secretaries for Candidates, Candidates Office, THQ/College for Officer Training

This session will provide tools and resources for people who are listening for God’s voice in their life. Delegates will experience new and ancient practices that connect them with the living God, who is actively working in and through them.

Inclusion in Our Youth Programs

Presented by Captain Erin Metcalf, North Toronto Community Church, Ontario Div

The church should be a safe place where youth can ask tough questions and have difficult conversations with their leaders. This workshop will guide participants through a faith-based facilitation conversation around inclusion and how we can make youth and camping programs safe for diverse ethnicities, neurodiversity, disabilities, gender and sexuality.  

Mentoring Children and Youth in a Complex World

Presented by Captain Jason Dockeray, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

This workshop offers tools and best practices for helping children and youth grow and thrive in their relationship with Jesus, even in a confusing and complex world. Learn how to disciple young people and empower them for leadership in your church.

Virtual Ministry: Communication in a Digital World to Reach Your Corps Family and Beyond

Presented by Matthew Osmond, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

Connecting with our youth, corps and community through digital and social media has become essential to a healthy, growing church. We’ll discuss an intentional digital marketing strategy and web presence, considering social media, video, livestream, to see what an effective digital media ministry could look like.

How to Be the Church Your Youth Need You to Be 

Presented by Captain Jason Dockeray, Canada Bermuda Youth, THQ

A panel discussion on creating a welcoming environment for youth and young adults to thrive and participate in the life of the church community. Hear first-hand from youth and experts in the arenas of effective and transformational youth ministry.

Community Engagement Stream

Breaking the Cycle: Poverty Reduction Strategy

Presented by Claire Dunmore, Community Engagement, THQ 

Hear from and discuss with a panel of Pathway of Hope experts from across the territory how Pathway of Hope aligns with the Mobilize Vision and Values statements. Listen to success stories and honestly discuss the challenges experienced in shifting the community and family services model.  

Corps Health Stream

The Generational Transfer of Leadership

Presented by Jeff Lockyer, Southridge Community Church, Niagara Region, Ont., and Global Leadership Network Canada

One of the greatest challenges in local church life is the integration of generations. Hear the story of Southridge Community Church, who deliberately handed over their church's leadership to the next generation. Learn how it happened, the struggles they faced and the timeless principles of generational transfer.

Tomorrow Came Yesterday!

Presented by Dr. Reggie McNeal, Church Ministry Consultant, Author, and Speaker

The future presents us with different questions than the church-centric approach of the past. This workshop explores key issues for recapturing missional alignment and vitality. Together we will take a fresh look at Reggie's book, A Present Future.  

Revitalization 1: It Begins With the Bones

Presented by Majors Bill and Debra Blackman, Cariboo Hill Temple, Burnaby, B.C. Div

When God told Ezekiel to prophesy over dry bones, He was calling him to have faith in His power to bring new life. This session will focus on the “bones,” or spiritual foundations, God wants to resurrect, the experience of leading through revitalization and surviving until new life breaks through. 

God Space: Making the Most of Every Opportunity to Start Spiritual Conversations

Presented by Peter Thomas, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ

This workshop will identify what holds us back from meaningful spiritual conversations, how to sense opportunities to share our faith, and how to use questions and stories to make the most of every opportunity. Learn new insights and skills from Doug Pollock's book, God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Where Do We Start?

Presented by Shellie Power, hosted by Major Christine Johnston, Hope Centre Ministries, Winnipeg, and Friendship Ministries Canada

The body of Christ is a beautiful yet incomplete picture. This workshop looks at the biblical model of inclusion from a “puzzling perspective,” presents activities highlighting how inclusion is needed for the strength of the whole body, and offers resources and practical, ready-to-use strategies that help remove barriers to participation.

Faith Formation: Helping People with Disabilities Connect with Jesus

Presented by Shellie Power, hosted by Major Christine Johnston, Hope Centre Ministries, Winnipeg, and Friendship Ministries Canada

Faith is a journey of growing and learning. How do we support people with disabilities to grow in their faith, create an environment for them to connect with Jesus and encourage them to express their faith? This workshop will introduce key resources that can be adapted to different settings.

Revitalization 2: How the Old Corps Can Reach New People

Presented by Major Mike Puddicombe, Burlington Community Church, Ont. Div

The old corps that want to reach new people today must make some deliberate, and sometimes difficult, decisions on how they are going to reach new people. This session will be an interactive collaboration of sharing innovative ideas to enhance your revitalization efforts.

Café Church: A Way to Build Community Through Conversations That Matter

Presented by Rev. Cid Latty, Peter Thomas, Captain Connie Cristall and Lieutenant Robbie Donaldson, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec; Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ; Shaganappi Community Church, Calgary, Alta. & N.T. Div; and Temiskaming Community Church, New Liskeard, Ont. Div

Café Church is designed to have a relaxed feel that provides space for people to enjoy input from an “expert witness,” engage in an issue from a faith perspective, participate during group time, chat with others, have fun and build community through conversations that matter.

Positioned for Growth: What We are Learning at Encounter

Presented by Captains Brent and Melissa Haas, Encounter Community Church, Halifax, Maritime Div

Only God can bring forth growth, but it is our responsibility as the church to position ourselves for that growth. Brent and Melissa will share lessons from their journey of planting Encounter Community Church and the intentional steps taken to reach unchurched people with the transforming power of the gospel.

Beyond Tokenism in Church Leadership Teams 

Presented by Daniel Yang, Church Multiplication Institute at Wheaton College Billy Graham Center

Mission historian Andrew Walls calls the present our Ephesian moment—the church’s diversity and complexity requires a theological and practical response that celebrates indigeneity and pilgrimage. Diversity and multi-ethnicity are more than quota and representation. Without belonging, managed diversity can become tokenism, causing harm and stifling vision and ministry.

Start Small, Dream Big: Initiatives for Spiritual Growth

Presented by Peter Thomas, Rev. Cid Latty, Tim Teakle, Major Stephen Court, Dr. James Watson and Messy Church National Reps, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ; Café Church; Alpha Canada; Messy Church; and Base Networks

There are plenty of opportunities to start something relational and spiritual for your community. In this workshop you will interact with five approaches to outreach which could allow you to foster spiritual growth for people outside of your church and learn how to design your own creative initiative.

Missing Millennial Leaders? 

Presented by Simon Downey, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ

As corps struggle to find leaders equipped to serve, a generation of young hopefuls seems to be missing. This workshop will discuss potential ways forward and feature millennial leaders sharing their stories and hopes for the future as together we reach, ready and retain millennials for leadership in the Army.

Revitalization 3: Pathway to Revitalization

Presented by Major Peter van Duinen, Guelph Citadel, Ont. Div, and Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ

This presentation will explore stepping stones that are common in church revitalization. Q&A will allow delegates to consider the climate of their ministry setting, which stepping stones on the pathway to revitalization make sense in their ministry context, and what needs to happen to begin walking the pathway to revitalization.

Lessening Stress and Increasing Joy:  The importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Presented by Major Lee-Ann van Duinen, Guelph Citadel, Ont. Div

Emotional intelligence matters. People with high EI have better self-awareness, control of reactions, and empathy for others. An increased level of EI can help individuals manage stress, build healthier relationships, and be more successful and effective in leadership. Learn how to boost your emotional intelligence to lessen stress and increase joy.

Creative Thinking Lab

Presented by Major Leslie Wiseman, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ

Most churches are designed to reach a world that no longer exists. This session offers a facilitated conversation to rethink the future of corps life and provides opportunity to explore and co-create approaches for relevancy in a secular world. What will that look like in your setting?

Natural Church Development: Moving Toward a Healthy Church 

Presented by Major Chris Rideout, with Bill Bickle, Ontario Divisional Headquarters and NCD Canada

This session will review NCD principles and practices through scriptural, empirical and natural lenses, explore how church health produces growth, teach how the NCD Church Survey measures stewardship, inspiration, gifting, passion, empowerment and community, and include recorded insights from NCD’s founder and leader, and Army leaders in Australia and Europe.

Discipleship Essentials: Tools and Strategies to Strengthen a Disciple-Making Culture

Presented by Kevin Slous, Spiritual Life Development, THQ

Discipleship essentials can help strengthen spiritual health and help your ministry to become more intentional in fulfilling the Great Commission. This workshop will introduce an expanded discipleship framework and tools designed to help identify “best next steps” for individuals and ministry units on the journey towards a strengthened disciple-making culture.

Planting the Future

Presented by Major Leslie Wiseman, with Dr. James Watson, Daniel Yang and Jeff Christopherson, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ: Send Institute at the Billy Graham Center; and Church Planting Canada

While only God knows the future, we can imagine what might be possible, and begin to prepare. Join these missiologists in not just dreaming about the future but considering what kinds of leaders, what kinds of churches, and what kinds of partnerships offer opportunities for mission and for growth.

Our Story/God's Story

Presented by Daniel Yang, Church Multiplication Institute at Wheaton College Billy Graham Center

Learn from Daniel Yang's reflections on church planting in Toronto's Regent Park. Helping planters discover how their personal and social narrative intersects with the work God is doing can lead to a heathier experience and more effective missional engagement, especially for a minority leader or someone leading a multi-ethnic context.

Growing Generosity in the Local Church: A Four Seasons Approach 

Presented by Dr. Lori Guenther Reesor, Author, Speaker and Stewardship Coach

While support for Salvation Army social mission remains strong, many congregations struggle to stay afloat. How can church leaders nurture the spiritual discipline of giving in the various seasons of congregants' lives? Join us in this practical, spiritual and engaging workshop, full of stories and room for questions.

Organic Ways to Grow a Post-Pandemic Ministry

Presented by Dr. Bob Whitesel, Speaker, Church Health Consultant, and Author

This workshop will teach how to lead and grow a Christian organization in the post-pandemic world. You will discover how to not just survive but to thrive, how St. Paul's letters give us insights into how he led remotely and actions an organization can take to foster racial reconciliation.

COVID Echo: Where Are We Now, 2023?

Presented by Major Barb Stanley, Pastoral Services, THQ

This workshop will add language and structure to our experience of COVID and understanding of how to best process the loss and residual stress of a global pandemic. We will use an integrated model of self, believing that body, mind and spirit need attention as we move forward with mission.

A Long Obedience In The Same Direction: Lessons From the Journey at Northridge

Presented by Majors Brian and Glenda Bishop, Ontario Divisional Headquarters

Twenty-one years is a long time to serve in the same corps/church appointment. Hear the valuable lessons learned from officers who kept mission and the kingdom as the primary focus amidst societal change, relocation and the challenges of leading a growing congregation in a post Christian culture.

But Didn't You Know the Bible Says...? A Study of the Scriptural Texts Often Used to Challenge Women in Ministry

Presented by Leanne Friesson, Mount Hamilton Baptist Church, Ont.

Rev. Leanne Friesen will explore how "tricky" texts have been misused to silence women in churches and present a scriptural basis for the calling God has placed on the lives of women. You will be inspired and equipped to confidently serve in the roles to which God has called you.

More Than Just Potlucks - The (Actually) Welcoming Church: Creating an Environment That Make Space for New People in Old Groups

Presented by Leanne Friesson, Mount Hamilton Baptist Church, Ont.

Most of us want our churches to be a welcoming space for new people to join. Rev. Leanne Friesen will help leaders see their church through a new person's eyes and talk about how we can create space in our ministries for people who are new to truly feel welcome.

This Is Us: Doing Life Together at the Table

Presented by Major Krista Andrews and Aux-Lieutenant Elli Bagheri, Richmond Hill Community Church, Ont. Div

Major Krista Andrews and Aux-Lieutenant Elli Bagheri will unpack what it means to be women authentically living in community and neighbourhoods where God has placed us, where vulnerability speaks into the deepest challenges and opportunities of diversity, where we can be our true selves, doing life together at the table.

Some Things Never Change

Presented by Herbie Kuhn, the voice of the Raptors

Drawing on over 25 years of marriage, involvement in professional sports and ministry as a public figure, Chaplain Herbie Kuhn will encourage and challenge you to get back on to your playing field with enthusiasm, confidence, and vigor, anchored in the Lord who never changes.

One Divine Moment: The Asbury University Outpouring 2023

Presented by Major Paul Cain, Major Alma Cain, Mary Beth Durham, and Reed Brunell

It all started after a normal Wednesday chapel service. Hear first-hand testimony of the February 2023 Asbury Outpouring from students and leaders of the Salvation Army Student Fellowship on campus. This session of worship, testimony, and inspiration will encourage you to believe that what happened in Wilmore, KY could happen anywhere!

Ethics Stream

Inspired to Walk the Talk: Living According to Our Values

Presented by Emily MacFarlane, The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, Winnipeg

Our mission reminds us why we exist, our vision tells us where we are going, and it is our values that guide us. Exercises and interactive activities will help you understand personal values, gain tools for living those values and learn how values can equip you better for mission.

An Introduction to Faith-Based Facilitation 

Presented by Dr. Aimee Patterson and Major Karen Puddicombe, The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, Winnipeg, and Burlington Community Church, Ont. Div

Faith-based facilitation is a way of helping us think, talk, explore and respond to issues together using our whole faith experience. This session is an active introduction to faith-based facilitation and invites participants into a conversation on the benefits and risks of social media.

Confronting Current Canadian Ethical Concerns: Pornography and Its Impact

Presented by Dr. Aimee Patterson, The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, Winnipeg

The digital age has vastly expanded the scope of porn, perhaps the easiest sexual sin to get away with. We can be a transforming influence in our communities by advocating against the porn industry, making choices that resist exploiting ourselves and others, and caring for persons harmed by porn.

Life After Covid: The Power of Listening and Empathy

Presented by Colonel Eleanor Shepherd and Major Barb Stanley, The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, Winnipeg, and Pastoral Services, THQ

There is no better time to walk with people and share our faith than in this confusing, post-COVID world. This workshop will help you understand the power of listening, ask questions that lead to meaningful conversations, deepen your empathy and develop essential skills for fulfilling our mission.

Living Right While Righting Wrong

Presented by Colonels Ian and Wendy Swan, The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission and International Moral and Social Issues Council 

Indifference to injustice is impossible when immersed in the Army’s mission and ministry. Protesting the world-as-it-is and proclaiming the world-as-it-should-be is living right while righting wrong. Learn about the Army’s global response to injustice through its relationship to the United Nations and leave committed to living right while righting wrong.

Indigenous & International Development Stream

Indigenous Partnerships: A Salvation Army Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Presented by Dr. Terry Leblanc, NAIITS and Indigenous Pathways

In 2016, the Army was part of the ecumenical response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This session will discuss the TRC, focus on developing and strengthening Indigenous partnerships, and explore how the church can become an innovative partner and its mission reflect the love of Jesus within Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Biblical Perspectives

Presented by Rev. Dr. Danny Zacharias, NAIITS and Acadia Divinity College

In 2016, the Army was part of the ecumenical response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, agreeing to begin the difficult work of seeking truth and walking in reconciliation. This session will discuss Indigenous biblical perspectives and how decolonizing Scripture can transform how we share the love of Jesus.

KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Presented by Major Shari Russell, Corps Mission Resource Department, THQ, and NAIITS

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is an interactive teaching tool exploring the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. By engaging minds and hearts, this exercise seeks to bring understanding to the impact of colonization and will begin to build relationships based on recognition, respect and responsibility.

Responding to a Global Mission: A Heart-to-God, Hand-to-Man Approach

Presented by International Development Team Members, International Development, THQ

Learn about mission beyond our borders as you hear international Army leaders share their experiences, discover how our territory is working with partner territories on more than 100 active projects, including education for children and livelihood development, and see how the Partners in Mission Self-Denial Campaign continues to transform lives.  

Leadership Stream

Critical Conversations and Feedback Essentials

Presented by Paul Carew and Scott Yake, Leadership Development, THQ

Feedback is a key ingredient in fostering learning and high performance. Learn how to give fair and effective feedback, why people fear it, how to make them more receptive to it, and how to ask for it to improve your own performance. Connections will be made to the PEAC process.

Managing Meetings That Impact Mission 

Presented by Paul Carew and Scott Yake, Leadership Development, THQ

This workshop will help you facilitate and manage meetings. Learn how to be fully prepared, offer good design, increase participation, run more effective meetings with better engagement, better processes, and better outcomes, and deal with conflicting opinions that often disrupt meetings while still reach best decisions.

Developing Others: Six Everyday Practices to Develop the People Around You

Presented by Dr. Steve Brown, Arrow Leadership

Developing the people around you is critical to retention, impact and growing capacity for ministry. This workshop will empower, equip and encourage you with practical skills and ready-to-go tools to be more intentional and effective as a developer.

Jesus-Centred: Serving with Jesus at the Centre of Who You Are and What You Do 

Presented by Dr. Steve Brown, Arrow Leadership

What’s more important than living and leading with Jesus at the centre? Based on the book Jesus Centered, this workshop will deepen your awe of Jesus and share best practices in being led more by Jesus, living and leading more like Jesus, and leading more to Jesus.

Healthy Confidence in the Grace Zone (for Women)

Presented by Cathie Ostapchuk, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach - Gather

It is common to base your life and leadership confidence on how well you can be all things to all people, and at the same time deliver on your promises. This workshop will help us understand how we can move from feeling stuck to experiencing freedom in the “Grace Zone.”

Being the Best You - Leveraging Your Strengths and Getting Free From What Holds You Back

Presented by Dr. Steve Brown

Discover how to make your best contribution to God's work in the world by leveraging your uniqueness while learning how to break free from what holds you back.

Resilience - Finding Strength, Life and Perseverance for Life and Service

Presented by Dr. Steve Brown

Life and service can be a grind. Discover proven rhythms and best practices that will center you on Jesus, bring you life and help you persevere over the long-term.

Reimagining Change in Your Ministry Unit: 8 Steps to the Future

Presented by Dr. Bob Whitesel

This award-winning change scholar will discuss principles from his practicum research and 30+ years of coaching churches through change.

Understanding Culture: The What, Why and How Culture Conversation

Presented by Lt-Colonel (Dr.) Susan L. van Duinen

Culture is something that permeates and affects every aspect of life. It is more than values, more than people, more than their behaviour, and more than their relationships. Attending this interactive workshop, you will discover why culture is so important and gain tools to support your life and ministry.

Musical Ministry Stream

Planning Inspiring Worship Services

Presented by Heather C. Osmond, Music and Gospel Arts, THQ

Music is an important aspect of worship services that can speak to the congregation, complement the message, fit themes and Scripture, and create cohesiveness. This workshop will also teach how to transition between pieces and introduce new music, as well as examine CCLI guidelines and your responsibility to follow them.

Music Resources for Sunday Worship

Presented by Simon Gough, Music and Gospel Arts, THQ

Are you struggling to make music happen at your corps? This workshop will show how your small or struggling sections can come together, how to mix live musicians with pre-recorded music supports, and how any combination of musicians can be united to provide music support for meaningful and inspiring worship.

When You Have No Musicians

Presented by Marcus Venables, Music and Gospel Arts, THQ

Do you operate a ministry unit without any musicians to support your weekly worship times? This workshop will help you navigate this challenging situation by highlighting available resources, explaining what can and cannot be used according to CCLI regulations, and sharing tips for growing new musicians for the future.

Enhancing Your Worship Through Technology and Music

Presented by Sean van Gulik, Music and Gospel Arts, THQ

Technology is playing an increasing role in our music-making and worship. This session will examine livestream needs, basic sound boarding, microphones, appropriate slides for on-screen words, set-ups and budget-friendly options for equipment. We want to set you up for success as you increasingly incorporate technology into worship.

Music Ministry for the Corps and Community

Presented by Marcus Venables, Music and Gospel Arts, THQ

This session will discuss how to set up a music program and connect it to corps life. An excellent way to involve young people and adults in ministry, it can provide musicians to support weekly worship, encourage continued support to the corps family and bring in families from the community. 

Public Relations & Communications Stream

Everything The Salvation Army Does is Emergency Management

Presented by Alishia Ivany, Emergency Disaster Services, THQ

Recent events across Canada have shown the value of an EDS program and that everything the Army does contributes to emergency management. Participants will learn about EDS, emergency management and how their ministry can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of our clients and congregants.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Building an Effective Emergency Disaster Services Program/Team

Presented by Dan Millar, Emergency Disaster Services, THQ

Participants will learn the importance of having an EDS program and that it means so much more than operating a canteen truck. This session will ignite a passion for EDS as delegates learn how to start an EDS program in their area, create meaningful partnerships and engage volunteers.  

The Empress of Ireland and the Army: Not One Tragedy But a Thousand Tragedies in One

Presented by Major Ron Millar, Canada and Bermuda Archives

When the Empress of Ireland went down on the St. Lawrence River in 1914, more than 1,000 lives were lost, including 133 Salvationists. This workshop will describe that fateful night, present photographs and first-hand accounts of heroic actions, and feature descendants sharing how their families were shaped by the tragedy.

Building an Engaged Community Through Social Media

Presented by Kristin Ostensen, Editorial Department, THQ

A strong social media strategy is important to advancing the Army's mission, especially since the pandemic. This session will show how to build an online community through social media with engaging posts, how to create posts for internal and external audiences, and why "social listening" is important to community engagement. 

Your Story: Writing for Publication

Presented by Geoff Moulton and Pamela Richardson, Editorial Department, THQ

Writing can be an exciting ministry, but words don't magically appear on the page. This session will give tips and tricks for writing engaging articles, boosting your interview skills or launching a blog. Participants will be inspired and equipped to contribute to a corps newsletter, website or territorial publication.

Inspired to Engage: Building Financial Support in Your Community 

Presented by Janet Park and Darlene Burton, Development Department, THQ

Your community trusts the Army, admires your uniform and likes your good work. But how do you communicate the transforming importance of ministry to motivate the community to generously give their time and resources? This workshop looks at the steps to better practices for fundraising well and building community support. 

Inspired for Impact: The Power of Why 

Presented by Sara Lewis, Development Department, THQ

Understanding your ministry’s impact is a top priority for today’s donors and funding decision-makers. What do funders want to know to be reassured that their money is being well spent? This workshop will help you build stakeholder engagement and demonstrate how you are positively impacting lives and transforming communities.

Our Rich Heritage and How to Preserve It

Presented by Major Ron Millar, Canada and Bermuda Archives

Our rich heritage can inspire us for mission. This workshop demonstrates how ministry units can collect local historical information and artifacts, send them to the Archives to be catalogued and preserved, harvest current digital records, research local settings through our website and in-house resources, and retrieve material for special events.

Public Affairs: Being a Representative in the Public Sphere

Presented by Major Rick Zelinsky, Public Affairs, THQ

The session helps people to see themselves as the link to public/elected officials and as representatives of The Salvation Army in their sphere of influence. People will gain knowledge and understanding of how The Salvation Army engages government.

Social Mission Stream

Innovations in Community, Safety and Justice

Presented by Art Rasmusson, Bev Voisin, Dennis Chadwick, Major Leigh Ryan, Rebekah McNeilly, Correctional and Justice Services

Through facilitated panel discussion, this workshop highlights innovative programs for those exiting prison that work to interrupt cycles of recidivism. Panelists will discuss interventions addressing employment and housing gaps, spiritual and interpersonal supports, health and mental-health care, and bridging disparate social system, all aimed at lowering instances of reincarceration.

Does Harm Reduction Help or Hinder the Mission of The Salvation Army? A 3Practice Circle

Presented by Major Rick Zelinsky (Referee), Social Mission Department, THQ

Harm reduction is a broad spectrum of interventions aimed at reducing the negative effects of substance use. Mission partners from a variety of perspectives are invited to join us for an exercise in “crossing the difference divide” about one of The Salvation Army’s most pressing and puzzling social mission questions.

Mission Is Also About the Mattresses: Designing for Dignity

Presented by Michaela Jones and Terri Thompson, Property Department, THQ, and Social Mission Department, THQ

Join members of social mission, property and ministry unit teams in a conversation about how our organizational commitments to love, hope, dignity, service, stewardship and social justice can shape our design and use of physical space. Come with a space or place in mind and we’ll help you re-imagine it.

What's Loss Got to Do With It?

Presented by Beverleigh J. Broughton, Social Mission Department, THQ

Loss is something that everyone experiences, yet the dynamics of loss and grief can “look” different for each person. This session will provide an overview of various types of loss and grief and an introduction to the “companioning model” in supporting those who grieve. Resource ideas will also be shared.

Bible Study and Beyond:  Program Innovations in Spiritual and Religious Care

Presented by Beverleigh J. Broughton, with Major Christine Johnson, Captain Kath Walker, Major Leigh Ryan and Suzanne Sadler, Social Mission Department, THQ

Through a facilitated panel discussion, this session will highlight innovative programs from several ministry sectors throughout the territory that provide varied approaches for the provision of spiritual care.

Becoming Better Versions of Ourselves: An Evaluation Perspective

Presented by Frank Chu, Oba Banwo and Sarah Holden, Social Mission Department, THQ

What is the first thing you think of when you hear “evaluation”? Excessive paperwork? Obligatory surveys that never get seen again after completion? This session is about demystifying evaluation, explaining WHAT it is, WHY we do it, and most importantly, HOW it improves our work. 

Boomers and Beyond: How Are We Serving This Population?

Presented by Ivy Scobie and Major Shirley King, Social Mission Department, THQ, and Ontario Divisional Headquarters

As we consider the changing demographics of our communities, we must seek ways to affirm love, justice and mercy while including older adults in ministry opportunities. We will share the LIVED EXPERIENCE from international and Canadian perspectives as we discuss the powerful opportunities for ministry in local settings and corps.

At Home at The Salvation Army? - Part 1

Presented by Amy Fisher, Social Mission Department, THQ

People have been saying for generations “I spent the night at the Sally Ann.” What if they could say instead “I’m at home at The Salvation Army?” In Part 1 of this two-part workshop, we will discuss what we mean when we use the word “home” in all its fullness.

At Home at The Salvation Army? - Part 2

Presented by Alexis Hell, Social Mission Department, THQ

People have been saying for generations “I spent the night at the Sally Ann.” What if they could say instead “I’m at home at The Salvation Army?” In Part 2 of this two-part workshop, we will hear about innovative projects where the Army is making home with people on purpose.

Innovations in Addictions and Mental Health

Presented by Cristina Schneiter and Panelists, Langley Gateway of Hope, B.C. Div

Through a facilitated panel discussion, this session will feature a conversation with Army leaders and partners on the innovations they use in the service delivery of addiction and mental illness in our ministry units across the territory. This session will provide attendees with an opportunity to connect and discuss ideas.

In the Eye of the Storm: Trauma and Caring for People – Part 1

Presented by Major Catherine Skillin and Vicki Nishihama, Social Mission Department, THQ, and Northridge Community Church, Aurora, Ont. Div

This workshop explores the many faces of trauma and its causes. How do we recognize when someone has been traumatized? When can we provide ministry and when do we need to refer? How do we minister effectively when we have our own trauma history? When does trauma lead to PTSD?

In The Eye Of The Storm: Trauma and Caring for People – Part 2

Presented by Major Catherine Skillin and Vicki Nishihama, Social Mission Department, THQ, and Northridge Community Church, Aurora, Ont. Div

Many of the people we serve have experienced trauma. While we may not be trauma therapists, holistic ministry requires that we strive to minimize harm. We will continue our exploration of the needs of people who have experienced trauma. The implementation and challenges of Trauma Informed Care will be discussed.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: How Is The Salvation Army Involved in Ending It?

Presented by Captain Angelica Hernandez, Greg McInnes, Valerie Pavey, Major Ray Lamont, Aura Burditt,  Stacey Dlamini, Caroline Pugh-Roberts, Justin M. vanOeveren and Dianna Bussey, The Salvation Army Territorial/Divisional/Regional MSHT Response Advocates

The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda is working towards ending modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT). Join members of our Territorial MSHT Response Council and panelists as we discuss what MSHT is and the unique responses and work that is taking place throughout our territory.  

Nourishing the Self Through Prayer

Presented by Major Catherine Skillin and Tiffany Kwok, Social Mission Department, THQ

We cannot care for others if we do not care for ourselves, and it is essential that we nourish our souls. This workshop allows for spiritual reflection, examination and contemplation. Participants will navigate through prayer stations experiencing forms of prayer that can be incorporated into their ministry and personal life. 

An Accreditation Perspective: Acknowledging Excellence

Presented by Frank Chu and the THQ Accreditation Team, Social Mission Department, THQ

This workshop is about building a ministry unit for success. It’s about values, culture and mission. It's about excellence and doing the tactical things to ensure your ministry unit and people are aligned around the same thing. A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains.