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Pray for INSPIRE

There are many ways Salvationists and friends can pray for the INSPIRE Conference and Congress, both ahead of and during INSPIRE.


Retired Officers’ Prayers

From August 2022-June 2023, retired officers are intentionally praying for INSPIRE following an acronym of GIVING HOPE:

August: Grace
September: Invitation
October: Value
November: Involved
December: Necessary
January: Grateful
February: Hospitality
March: Others
April: People
May: Environment

40 Days of Prayer

In the days leading up to INSPIRE, we will be praying daily following a prayer calendar created by the congress and conference committees. The 40 Days of Prayer begins on Pentecost Sunday and continues until a week after INSPIRE to ensure we follow through with our commitments once we return home.

As part of this initiative, a pdf download will be available which includes a one-page prayer calendar and an expanded prayer guide. The daily guide will also be available through a blog on, on the INSPIRE app and via email for those who sign up.


Prayer Room

A prayer room will be open for all of INSPIRE from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. There will be a prayer volunteer present to be available to pray with any guests who visit the room (if so desired).

Intercessory Prayer

In the months leading up to INSPIRE, small prayer groups around the territory are praying for the prophetic message of Ezekiel 37:10. During the INSPIRE Congress worship celebrations, intercessory prayer teams within Massey Hall will be praying for the power of Holy Spirit to freely move throughout the worship.

Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast

On July 1, a prayer breakfast will be led by Lt-Colonel Brenda Critch, divisional secretary for spiritual life development, Ontario Division.

Sunday Morning Self-Guided Prayer Walk

This walk is designed to be fulfilled in your own time, in a location of your choice. A prayer guide has been designed using Jesus’ walk with his disciples on the Emmaus Road.

Download Guide

Worship Service Prayer Focus

Supplementing our corporate worship prayers, we will have the following foci in the services:

Officers’ Councils: Multilingual prayers
Friday Evening: Tongsung Kido prayer
Saturday Evening: Prayer huddles
Sunday Morning: Prayer pods

Worship Service Mercy Seat Counselling