Together in Mission - Salvation Army Canada

Together in Mission  A territorial journey of discipleship and following Jesus in mission, join today

Past sessions of Together in Mission are available on our Salvationist YouTube channel, video available below.

A 12-week online zoom event based on Phil Needham’s book Christ at the Door: Biblical Keys to Our Salvationist Future

Learning together how to build transforming relationships with God, each other and our communities

Wednesdays, 7 pm EDT
September 30 – December 16
Via Zoom

Commissioner Phil Needham
Major Amy Reardon
Major David Ivany
Jonathan Evans
Danielle Strickland
Lt-Colonel Sandra Rice
Lieutenant Erin Metcalf
Captain Juan Chirinos


Register today to get your personal Zoom invitation and a free link to the book. 
Sessions will also be broadcast live at

Read the book below


PART 1: The Journey

Hosts: Cameron Eggie and Captain Kristen Dockeray

WEEK 1 Sept 30
Begin with "Jesus is Lord"
with Commissioner Phil Needham

WEEK 2 Oct 7
Pursue Holiness Full Measure
with Major Amy Reardon / Major David Ivany / Jonathan Evans

WEEK 3 Oct 14
Be Disciples
with Danielle Strickland

WEEK 4 Oct 21
Be Willing to Change
with Captain Brent Haas / Lieutenant Erin Metcalf / Captain Juan Chirinos

PART 2: The Community

Hosts: Major Beth Pearo and Ricky Piedrahita

WEEK 5 Oct 28
Get Our Stories Straight
with Colonel Edward Hill

WEEK 6 Nov 4
Decide Who We Are
with Jeff Robertson / Lieutenant Jennifer Henson / Sipili Molia

WEEK 7 Nov 11
Re-imagine Your Corps as a Movement
with Captain (Dr.) John Clifton

WEEK 8 Nov 18
Reunite Worship and Mission
with Laura Rowsell / Steve Brown / Simon Gough

PART 3: The Mission

Hosts: Captain Sheldon Bungay and Erica Azak

WEEK 9 Nov 25
Make Disciples
with Colonels Wendy and Ian Swan

WEEK 10 Dec 2
Find Our Mission
with Major Johnny Valencia / Major Shari Russell / Captain Justin Gleadall

WEEK 11 Dec 9
Live Missionally
with Captain Lisa Barnes

WEEK 12 Dec 16
Grow Like a Movement
with Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd

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