These 10 articles were the most-read articles on in 2019.

10. 17 Things You Didn't Know About the Booth Family
by General John Larsson (Rtd)

You probably know that William and Catherine Booth co-founded The Salvation Army in London, England, but here are 17 things you may not know about them and their children.

9. Hearts of Gold
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir on finding hope in hardship and supporting The Salvation Army.
Interview by Kristin Ostensen

Canada's gold medal-winning ice-dance team talk about overcoming adversity, supporting The Salvation Army and why, after 21 years, they’re still better together.

8. Salvation Army Remembers Empress of Ireland Sinking
Events in Toronto and Rimouski, Que., commemorate Canada's worst peacetime maritime disaster.

This popular article from 2014 made the top 10 again this year. When the Empress of Ireland sank in 1914, more than 150 officers and soldiers in The Salvation Army lost their lives. On the 100th anniversary, The Salvation Army commemorated this great loss and reflected on its long-term impact.

7. Called to Compassion
The Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomes 13 new lieutenants.

In this article, the Messengers of Compassion cadets reflect on their calling, their sessional name and the future of The Salvation Army, ahead of their commissioning in June 2019.

6. A Father to the Fatherless
Why I opened my heart and home to foster children.
by Captain Brent Haas

Captain Brent Haas shares how foster parenting changed his life. "I can’t imagine my life without fostering," he writes.

5. Tidds Appointed to Lead Canada and Bermuda Territory
Commissioners return to home territory.

In April, The Salvation Army's International Headquarters announced that Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd would be the next leaders of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, returning home after six years in Australia.

4. Commissioner Donald Kerr Promoted to Glory
Official announcement from the Office of the Territorial Commander.

Servant of God, well done! This year, we remembered the life and ministry of Commissioner Donald Kerr, former territorial commander for Canada and Bermuda, who passed away in November.

3. Keeping God on Side
Mark Scheifele makes time for faith in the high-pressure world of the NHL.
by Jayne Thurber-Smith

The ups and downs of professional sports can affect any athlete. But Winnipeg Jets' player Mark Scheifele stays on an even keel, thanks to his Christian faith. “Sometimes you go through times when you doubt God,” he says. “But knowing He has a plan for me definitely keeps me close to Him."

2. Territory Unveils New Core Values
Four statements to guide decision-making and organizational behaviour.
by Geoff Moulton

In January, the Canada and Bermuda Territory unveiled four new core values statements. The four values are hope, service, dignity and stewardship.

1. Finding His Place
Alcoholism almost ruined Jim Skinner's life. But he found a home at The Salvation Army.
by Diane Stark

Alcohol had cost Jim Skinner everything—but he still couldn’t stop drinking. Now a senior soldier at Conception Bay South Corps, N.L., Jim shares his moving testimony of how God healed him of his addiction.

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