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The Annual Corps Membership and Strategic Thinking review is a valuable process whereby Corps Officers and leaders evaluate and set priority goals for the ministry unit.


Annual Corps Membership Review & Strategic Plan (ACMRSP)  --  Downloads   * = required
ACMRSP Forms* (Additions/Removals, WM Additions/Removals, Sign off page, Strategic Thinking Form, Property Form)

- ACMRSP On Line Form Worksheet 2018  - preparation for on line submission  (French document coming soon).

PLEASE READ:  Corps Guide to the 2018 AMR  (NEW!)



      1. What if I don’t want to do the review all at the same time?  There is an option at the bottom of the form that says ‘Save for Later’.  If you click that option you will finish your current session and you will receive an email (make sure you have completed the email field at the top of the form) with a link to continue.  Using the link in the email is the most reliable way to return to your saved entries. 
      2. How many people can work on the on-line form? Only one submission is required for a Ministry Unit. One person in the MU should have the responsibility of completing the on-line form.  If units wish to get input from various leaders it is suggested this be done through sharing the ACMRSP Working Copy (see list above), or through meeting together.
      3.  Who can complete the on-line form? Any designated individual can complete the on-line form. The Corps Officer can email the link to the form and the password to a designated person.  Be sure not to have more than one person start a form for the same location.
      4.  When should the on-line form be complete?  The completion date depends on each ministry unit and the date set for the DHQ visit.  Your AC/DC will set a date to visit and the on-line form should be completed and submitted prior to the visit.  The end of February marks the closing of SAMIS, after which you will not be able to edit SAMIS entries for 2018.
      5. Can I use my Smart Phone or Tablet?  YES - yes you can!
      6. How do I submit to DHQ?  Complete the submission in one session or use the 'Save for Later' feature to complete in more than one session.  Once finalized and submitted, the designated DHQ representative will automatically receive an email copy of the submission and the additional forms you upload.
      7. How do I prepare? Use the ACMRSP Working copy (available above)  to collect the information you need. Enter the answers into the on-line form. In order to finalize and submit on-line you will need the following documents ready to upload:
        a) the Annual Review report from SAMIS (includes the Location Information, Growth History Report and Corps Membership Collection Form),
        b) the completed Additions/Removals page and Women's Ministries Additions/Removals from the ACMRSP Forms document (available above)
        c) the Property Inspection Form

Annual Membership & Strategic Thinking

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