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The Annual Corps Membership and Strategic Thinking review is a valuable process whereby Corps Officers and leaders evaluate and set priority goals for the ministry unit.

Information regarding the Annual Corps Membership Review for 2020 will be coming soon.

2019 FORMS

Download this Word document, follow the instructions to complete and submit.
  • acmsrp_forms.doc
  • Property Inspection Forms - these are now to be completed online.  Links to the on line forms will be sent by email once you complete your 2019 submission.

DOWNLOAD THE QUICK HELP GUIDE: Corps Review Quick Guide 2019



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Meet with the leadership team to discuss the review documents.

- Identify 3 HIGH PRIORITY GOALS to be submitted to DHQ.

- Complete all roll updates in SAMIS, to reflect all expected additions, transfers and removals (provided verbal/written permission has been given by your AC). This will ensure that minimal updates will be required after the DHQ visit.
February 28 SAMIS closing date and deadline to e-file the completed REVIEW documents and SAMIS reports to your AC.
DHQ Visit The Leadership Team meets with the DHQ personnel to present the review documents and OUR MISSION OVERVIEW.
March - May

Review the HIGH PRIORITY GOALS for the year with your leadership team regularly at Corps Council/Mission Board meetings.

- Consider using a Congregational Health Assessment tool to evaluate the health of the corps. The Corps Ministries Department would be happy to help you choose the appropriate tool.
June - Aug Redistribute the Strategic Thinking Worksheets to respective group leaders for check-in and assessment of achievements from last years’ goals and to set new goals for the coming year.
Sept - Dec

- Finalize all attendance information in SAMIS.

- The Pastoral Care Council should meet to finalize any roll changes, and ensure that the roll numbers in SAMIS have been updated in the December month.

- Confirm a date for the DHQ visit with your Area Commander (AC).

- Distribute/Collect the Strategic Thinking Worksheets and other helpful tools listed above to engage your leaders in the goal-setting process.

- Ensure that each leadership team and group engages in strategic thinking and submits their worksheet for Corps Council/Mission Board discussion

- Finalize the HIGH PRIORITY GOALS that will be submitted on the review document to DHQ/THQ.



      1. What if I don’t want to do the review all at the same time?  There is an option at the bottom of the form that says ‘Save for Later’.  If you click that option you will finish your current session and you will receive an email (make sure you have completed the email field at the top of the form) with a link to continue.  Using the link in the email is the most reliable way to return to your saved entries. 
      2. How many people can work on the on-line form? Only one submission is required for a Ministry Unit. One person in the MU should have the responsibility of completing the on-line form.  If units wish to get input from various leaders it is suggested this be done through sharing the ACMRSP Working Copy (see list above), or through meeting together.
      3.  Who can complete the on-line form? Any designated individual can complete the on-line form. The Corps Officer can email the link to the form and the password to a designated person.  Be sure not to have more than one person start a form for the same location.
      4.  When should the on-line form be complete?  The completion date depends on each ministry unit and the date set for the DHQ visit.  Your AC/DC will set a date to visit and the on-line form should be completed and submitted prior to the visit.  The end of February marks the closing of SAMIS, after which you will not be able to edit SAMIS entries for the prior year.
      5. Can I use my Smart Phone or Tablet?  YES - yes you can!
      6. How do I submit to DHQ?  Complete the submission in one session or use the 'Save for Later' feature to complete in more than one session.  Once finalized and submitted, the designated DHQ representative will automatically receive an email copy of the submission and the additional forms you upload.
      7. How do I prepare? Use the ACMRSP Working copy (available above)  to collect the information you need. Enter the answers into the on-line form. In order to finalize and submit on-line you will need the following documents ready to upload:
        a) the Annual Review report from SAMIS (includes the Location Information, Growth History Report and Corps Membership Collection Form),
        b) the completed Additions/Removals page and Women's Ministries Additions/Removals from the ACMRSP Forms document (available above)
        c) the Property Inspection Form

Annual Membership & Strategic Thinking

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    Additions - Removals Page in Annual Review

    How to tips May 25, 2017 by Corps Ministries
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    Ministry Resources
    It is recommended that Roll Changes be entered into SAMIS on a regular basis.  A common concern raised identifies that unless names reflected by the number changes are also recorded monthly, it becomes difficult at the end of the year to match each entry to a name to account for the changes. One suggested way to do this effectively is to copy the Additions/Removals page and keep it in a file where monthly entries can be added, with notations about what has been entered into SAMIS and Comments about relevant correspondence for removals.  By doing this entries in SAMIS can be accounted for by individual name for each month.

    Use these examples as guidelines for completing your Additions/Removals page, part of the Annual Corps Review document.  Download a copy.

    1.  Jane Doe has been enrolled as a Sr. Soldier - from the Sr. Recruits roll.  An 'A' has been entered under 'ADD - Sr. Soldier', and a 'T' has been entered under 'REMOVE - Sr. Recruits'.   This shows movement between Rolls.  a 'REASON' is not required for this entry.

    2.  John Smith has been removed from Jr. Soldier.  An 'R' under 'REMOVE - Jr. Soldier' indicates this change.  And a 'check' has been entered under 'REASON - To Other Church/Corps' by way of explanation.

    3.  Mary Brown has been enrolled as a Sr. Soldier - from the Adherents roll.  An 'A' has been entered under 'ADD - Sr. Soldier', and a 'T' has been entered under 'REMOVE - Adherents'.   This shows movement between Rolls.  a 'REASON' is not required for this entry.

    4.  Tom Thumb has been removed from the Sr. Soldier roll - and the reason indicated is PtoG/Deceased.
    Additions Removals Form

    When completed it will be easy to see which names require a Divisional sign-off, by scanning down the REASON column and highlighting those under REMOVE - Verified NonAttendance, and those with 'COMMENTS' explaining other reasons which may apply.

    1.  If a person is being removed due to P/G or transfer to another corps/church, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff. It is not necessary to wait until after the review to enter these numbers.

    2.  If a person is being removed for non-attendance, a letter indicating their desire to be removed must be procured before removal will be approved OR a proof of contact informing of removal should have been sent with no response.   If you have this documentation and verbal/written confirmation from your AC to remove the name from the roll, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff.  Have this documentation available for your review meeting.  This will reduce the number of required SAMIS changes after the year-end.

    3.  If a person is being removed for 'other' reasons, and you have already had discussion with your divisional staff and verbal approval that they should be removed, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff.  Otherwise, you may wish to wait until after the review meeting to complete the removal in SAMIS.

    4.  At the review meeting with divisional staff, the divisional representative will be required to sign-off on ALL removals to complete the removal process.

    5.  Following the review meeting with divisional staff, the divisional representative will have access to make any changes to your Rolls for the year under review, so that your rolls will be accurate in SAMIS.

    6.  Please reference the Orders and Regulations for Corps Officers, Section 4 'Revision of Rolls'  No.4 for further information regarding reasons for removal.  The O&R can be found on Lotus Notes under the O & R section.