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Theory Course

Whether you are involved with brass, piano, vocal, percussion, or guitar, music theory is something that relates to everyone. It is an extremely important part of expanding musicianship. It is also a great course to run as part of your corps music program with both children and adults.

The Music Theory program consists of 8 levels which include the Student Handbook, Final Exam, Instructor's Guide and Placement Test.

The placement test material should be used to place each student in the appropriate level based on his/her ability. Final evaluation tests are provided for use as required. These should be completed and passed before moving on to the next level. Not everyone will progress at the same pace. It is advised to repeat or come back to a lesson so as to reinforce certain concepts. 

Additional material is within the Instructor's Guide which includes ideas for music games, listening activities, rhythm exercises, etc. to reinforce the concepts being taught in a given level and help teachers know the material for every step.

Theory Course