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MLB87 - Thy Will (Mike Brooks)

(Meditation) Thy Will is a meditation that takes us on a spiritual journey – one of seeking, praying and submission. It begins with a seeking heart, expressed through the words of the chorus Silently Now I Wait for Thee (S.A.S.B. 786). This moves into a prayerful attitude that appeals to the Lord for the revelation of His will in our lives through the chorus O Speak (S.A.S.B. 762). We don’t always hear what we want or expect which often causes confusion and doubt. Only through complete submission, surrender and obedience can we follow the will of our Master (At Thy Feet I Bow Adoring S.A.S.B. 572). The piece closes with the simple reminder from the song Sweet Will of God: “Sweet Will of God, still fold me closer.”
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